Property in Greece - residence permit in Europe

"Real estate in Greece - the eternal residence in Europe" - described by the Greek law, the 21/07/2013the world-renowned expert on real estate of "Goldman Sachs" - John Paper. And he was right - for the first year and a half after its adoptiononly Chinese and the CIS citizenstake advantage of it - more than 4,500 families.

Foreign investment in real estate, business and ready to build Greece, from December 2014 finally went on the rise. After four years of recession property prices have fallen to 40.3 %, and a salutary effect on the attractiveness of the newly acquired real estate investment market in Greece , and their stabilization gives a good start to begin a new round of lifting its yield . That is why starting in May , increased real estate transaction. The same situation in other areas of investment . In the fourth quarter of 2014 , foreign investment in Greece exceeded 1.5 billion euros .
In Greece moved from Antwerp central warehouse computer giant «HP», and the largest port in the country - Piraeus ( or rather its container segment) - acquired Chinese «COSCO», the largest container shipping company in the world. The Emir of Qatar has acquired a group of private islands in the Ionian Sea Oksya to build his palace and tourism business development . Behind him and the Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev bought Skorpios , Sparta and Tsokari - a dozen islands belonging to Athena Onassis - granddaughter of wealthy Greeks , the late Aristotle Onassis . Another Russian businessman Ivan Savvidi , became the owner of the football club " PAOK " and the famous 19th-century mansion in Thessaloniki. He also bought a tobacco factory " SECAP " in Xanthi and rented the largest five-star hotel in Thessaloniki - «Macedonia Palase».
Until the end of the summer, only in Athens and Attica region , has been sold to foreign investors more than 480 residential properties worth more than 130 million euros . This is mainly apartments, houses, cottages and villas in the resort suburbs of the capital - the so - called Athenian Riviera .
Second place in the growth of sales of residential property in Greece in the first half took rightfully Halkidiki . Rise here by almost 8% , thanks to the Germans , Scandinavians and Russians. Recently acquired here , inter alia , two hotels .
Third place is stable, for the fourth year occupies the island of Crete , where a special place in the preferences of foreign investors received coast of Chania. Growth in sales of residential real estate on the island reached 6.5%. Special demand here use small apartments and studios , not far from the sea.

WallStreetJournal : Greek Island in Ionian Sea is ‘Solid Investment’

A Greek private island for sale appeared in a Wall Street Journal article as a good investment. Modi island is on sale for 1.5 million dollars (1.25 million euros) and the real estate agent calls it “an ideal opportunity for a solid business investment with unlimited possibilities.”

Modi island is in the Ionian Sea and close to the western edge of Greece. It is 51 acres of undeveloped landmass, covered in abundant greenery. It is close to Ithaca, the island made legendary by Homer’s epic “Odyssey.”

The Greek island has been listed on Private Islands Online, a real estate website based in Ontario, since February 2012 and is one of a group of privately owned Greek islands on the market. A spokeswoman at the website did not know when the owners first put the island on offer. Attempts to reach the owners of Modi Island were not successful.

The listing says that Modi island has the potential of becoming a luxury sea resort, thus an excellent investment. At the same time, it can be a private sea paradise for a wealthy buyer. The weather is good throughout the year and excellent between May and October, it adds.

New tax laws in Greece and the drop in prices make such a purchase more attractive now. However, the purchase of a Greek island is not like buying a private aircraft or boat. Bureaucracy rules in Greece and paperwork requires 32 signatures until the deal is finalized. Also, the prospective buyer must go through a background check to determine if he is a national security threat or not.

Demis Roussos’ Greek Villa On Sale for 2M Euros

Just a few days after famous Greek singer Demis Roussos passed away, his luxurious house has already been put on sale. The famous singer’s two children, Emily and Kyrillos, have decided to sell their father’s masion, located in the Athens suburb of Voula, at the price of 2 million euros, which is considered a bargain when taking into account the original value estimates.

Roussos was an international star, a singer who was appreciated by millions of people across the globe. His songs were loved almost as much as those of Elvis Presley and the Beatles, while girls formed long queues and waited for hours just to get his autograph.

This great artist whose career peaked in the 70s loved buying houses and decorating them in his own personal style. He had bought homes in Athens, Paris and New York, and they all exuded a cosmopolitan aura after he was done renovating them. “I would never let a decorator come into my home. I want it to have part of my own personality,” Roussos had stated in a past interview. Furthermore, he added that another famous Greek singer once told him that she wanted to buy his house in Greece: “I have never seen a more beautiful place,” she said.

Roussos’ home in Athens is located in Panorama, Voula, on a hill overlooking the Saronic Gulf.

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